Biogasreaktor genomsikt


ED Biogas has a proprietary, patent-pending biogas methane reactor (MR) based on new technology. The reactor can handle high DS levels and is designed as a plug flow reactor. It’s capacity is scalable to suit users ranging from municipal sewage treatment plants and the food industry to agriculture and animal husbandry.

The MR is designed for the small-scale production of biogas. A 200 m³ reactor is suitable for e.g. municipal water treatment plants handling around 20,000 pe. The energy extracted in the form of biogas can be converted locally into electricity and thermal energy for use in the host facility.

Organic material is converted into biogas in the reactor. The process takes around 10-12 days and takes place in the thermophilic range between 50°C and 60°C.

The digestion process takes place such that digested material never mixes with undigested material. Because the material is fully digested, secondary digestion outside the reactor is drastically reduced. Because of the long dwell time at high temperature, digestion residues are naturally hygienized. The sludge is heated upstream of the reactor. Jacket heating keeps the sludge warm in the reactor. Hygienization is assured through the avoidance of forced circulation through a heat exchanger.

The process is continuous. Dwell time can be varied by the speed of the agitator and the input and output pumps are controllable.

The reactor is equipped with an agitator that moves the material from the inlet to the outlet. The agitator runs at very low speed and prevents sedimentation despite the high DS level. The low-speed results in extremely low agitator energy consumption, around 130 W.