Environmental policy

ED Biogas provides technical services for the digestion of organic waste into biogas.

We constantly stay abreast of legislation and regulations concerning environmental issues that may be essential for our business. Current legislation constitutes the minimum level of our environmental management work.

ED Biogas seeks to promote a high level of energy efficiency in its installations and uses environmentally friendly products wherever possible. We constantly develop solutions to minimize our negative environmental impact. We do this chiefly by:

  • Developing our products in order to achieve enhanced energy efficiency and performance.
  • Staying at the forefront of safety efforts concerning biogas production in order to eliminate the risk of accidents with a negative environmental impact.
  • Preventing contamination at every stage of our operation.
  • Ensuring purchases involve environmentally friendly, ethically manufactured goods.
  • Constantly developing our knowledge concerning the environment.
  • Working to continuously improve our environmental management.

Stockholm, August 10 2016